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Mounting an artwork, like a poster, is the perfect process to prevent it from bubbling or waving in the frame. There are many techniques in the mounting services including ones for archival materials.

At The Frame Depot we offer both standard mounting and conservation mounting.

Standard Mounting

Tape or Spray Mounting
is not a permanent process and the artwork can be easily removed.

Dry Mounting
this is a Permanent Рcannot remove artwork later. A sensitive adhesive film is activated by a heat press machine and used to permanently attach a work to a substrate, typically foam core.  Please be advised that an Artwork of a great value should not be dry-mounted since it can greatly affect any resale value. Our experienced designers are at your disposal for any questions on preservation and conservation techniques.

Conservation Mounting

Acid-Free framing tape
Your artwork can be mounted onto an Acid-Free foam board or mat. Only Acid-Free tape is used in this process.

Corner framing
“pockets” & “Art Saver” strips.

Museum Conservation Hinging
The ultimate protection.

Stretching, Lacing and Sewing Fabric 
These are other archival mounting techniques hat are preferably used for items such as flags or jerseys. They are stretched and attached to an Acid-Free mat or foam board with needles. This allows a precise placement of your item and is completely reversible.