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The finest selection of Glass in NYC

Your artwork deserves the best. We have in stock a wide variety of glasses and acrylic. We carry regular , non-glare, conservation, non-glare conservation, & Museum glass. Our design staff will be happy to recommend the appropriate glazing for your project.


Your artwork deserves the highest quality regular glass available. We use the Premium Clear® framing
glass from Tru Vue. It is best glass for frames displayed in a controlled lighting environment. Too much light
could cause reflection.UV Protective GlassOver time, indoor and outdoor UV rays affect your artwork. They can cause fading, thus preventing you from enjoying the original colors your photographs for example. Paper item arts can be discolored and irreversibly damaged. Conservation Clear® framing glass helps block ultraviolet rays and enhance true colors while protecting from fading. It will help you preserve and enjoy your art for years. UV Protection blocks 99% of harmful UV light rays and Provides conservation protection without glare protection


If your art is exposed to direct light;it can cause glare and distract the viewers from the framed piece. You may want to use, in this case, the non-glare glass which will suppress the glaring and that mirror effect that a regular glass may have. The Reflection Control® glass “is chemically finished to scatter light as it strikes the glass”. It protects your piece from unwanted glare and distortion. This glass does not provide UV Protection.The Non-glare conservation glass is a combination of a non-glare glass and a UV protective glass, perfect for those who display their art in a bright room. It enhances the beauty of the artwork, protects from fading and discoloration and eliminates reflection and glaring. The Conservation Reflection Control®
with 99% UV Protection is perfect for shiny photographs, exposed to direct light.

The Museum Glass®

is the best glass option for all framed works of art.  It is the highest quality anti-reflective, UV protective glass in the framing industry.It produces an ultra protective, nearly invisible finish. It protects against 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays and it is the best glass product against reflection and distortion. This glass will change the perception of your art. It is an attractive display and the most durable quality.